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Making the world more transparent, one pixel at a time


Transparent Sky specializes in Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) systems to create live 3D “maps in motion” of HUGE AREAS.

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View WAMI 3D Live of Huge Areas Here

Real-Time 3D WAMI only by Transparent Sky

Transparent Sky is pioneering the future of Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) with a first-of-its-kind product that creates 3D maps of any area in real-time. This product is an innovative new aircraft-based sensor for public commercial purchase.

Traditional WAMI systems cost millions of dollars to build, deploy, and operate and are not capable of producing immediate 3D immersive viewing experiences; rather, they capture data in 2D, and post-process for 3D views. Transparent Sky’s revolutionary new type of WAMI sensor builds 3D models of surveilled areas instantly, as the data is being collected, and does so at a fraction of the cost of the industry standard, while retaining the image quality. Additionally, because of the company’s unique 3D capability, its drone-based WAMI is the only system available capable of producing real-time imagery of enormous areas requiring constant surveillance.

Transparent Sky’s WAMI sensors are designed to be used by a variety of entities:

  • Armed Forces
  • Federal, state, and local public agencies
  • disaster relief
  • border security
  • coastline and port security
  • traffic monitoring
  • large-event crowd control
  • Academic organizations – for natural motion studies

Soldiers can use real-time situational awareness to see imminent danger.                  A city planner can use the system to monitor traffic patterns.

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“Precision Integrated purchased 4 WAMICam II systems from Transparent Sky,” said Matt Parker, President of Precision Integrated. “These units are the only commercially-available systems on the market and they fit perfectly into our Lockheed-Martin Stalker UAVs, providing unprecedented imagery for live viewing of large areas. The systems are surprisingly easy to use and reliable and we are eager to use the much larger and more capable WAMICam III systems as they become available.”


 For details on our first-of-its-kind sensor, click Products.


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Why WAMI in 3D?

WAMI in 3D provides:

  • stabilization of images
  • real-ness

WAMI in 3D provides for greater stabilization of images. Compare the difference in the data from our 3D systems to 2D systems – the industry standard.

And 3D is how you see your world.

Watch our video about Transparent Sky's WAMI LIVE 3D Systems:

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